Lavender (Lavandula officinalis) 100% essential oil 

The lavender essential oil contains: linalyl acetate, linalool, geraniol, borneol, cineol, pinene, camphor, coumarin and others. The most valuable one is the linalyl acetate and this ester ranges from 30 to 60% depending on the conditions of the cultivation.

The Bulgarian lavender oil is of the highest quality. The Bulgarian lavender oil is characterized by durable fine fragrance.

The lavender oil is generally applied externally, alone or combined with other essential and vegetable oils, pure or dissolved in spirit: for all types of skin and hair problems, burns and insect bites.

• The lavender oil has a yellow and green colour. Well preserved, it has a strong, intense aroma, which slightly differs from the scent of the blossoms. Diluted with alcohol, it acquires a fine aroma.

• Qualitative characteristics of the Bulgarian lavender oil (according to the Bulgarian State Standard):

• Appearance - easy flowing transparent liquid;

• Colour - yellowish;

• Odour - characteristic of the lavender blossoms; 

• Water content - not allowed;

• Specific weight – 0,880 – 0,900 

• Refraction at 20 ° C - 1.46;

• Polarization at 100 mm tube - -1 ° to -10 °;

• Acid value - at most 1.00;

• linalyl acetate - at least 33%; 

Solubility in 70% alcohol - 1:10.